Update: Friday November 17


  • Daily bonus code: Mira Loma
  • 11/16 Weekly eMail Bonus Code Pickle Tuesday


  • KOLA Friday at Work Freebie: Stuffed
  • 11/14 Weekly eMail Bonus Code: BMW
  • 11/15 Weekly eMail Bonus Code: TSO
  • 11/16 Weekly eMail Bonus Code: B?

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  • Secret Password  Dish
  • Weekly eMail Bonus KEYBOARD Wednesdays

Blockbuster Zootopia What film won Best Animated Feature Film at the 89th Academy Awards held in February 2017?
Bookworm Nineth Which word is spelled wrong? [Ninth]
Classic Rock Challenge Nude Women What was on the cover of the British release of Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland"?
Country Music Trivia You Broke Up With Me Which is a Walker Hayes 2017 hit song?
Get Your Game On Six What is the name of the nine-year-old girl in the game "Little Nightmares"?
Healthy Knowledge Breast Augmentation What is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S.?
Sports Trivia Alexander Zverev What tennis star won the men's singles at the 2017 Italian Open?
TV Trivia Heck What is the name of the family in the TV sitcom "The Middle"?
Word Play Trivia Befriend What is an 8 letter word meaning "to be a friend to, especially when in need"?

iHeart 1K Payday! - (Alt 98.7, KOST 103.5, MyFM 104.3 et cetera
7A-7P at about :20 after Text keyword to 200200 for chance at $1000 (ends Fri.11/17)

03:20 = Win (stooopid Newfies early)
04:20 = Bills (early eastern)
05:20 = Money (early central)
06:20 = Cash (early mountain)
07:20 = Luck
08:20 = Bank
09:20 = Win
10:20 = Bills
11:20 = Money
12:20 = Cash
13:20 = Luck
14:20 = Bank
15:20 = Win
16:20 = Bills
17:20 = Money
18:20 = Cash

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