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Alt 98.7

Blockbuster Baywatch Dwayne Johnson stars as the leader of an elite group of lifeguards in which 2017 action comedy film?
Bookworm Rabbits What sort of animals are featured in "Watership Down"?
Classic Rock Levon Helm Which member of the legendary rock group, The Band, is from Marvell, Arkansas?
Country Music Unforgettable Which is a Thomas Rhett 2017 hit song?
Get Your Game On Miami What city does video game "Fallout 4" take place in?
Healthy Knowledge Main Structural Molecule In Hair And Nails What does keratin mean?
Sports Trivia Serena Williams What sports star announced in 2017 she is expecting a baby?
TV Trivia $1 Million How much is the grand prize on the 2017 show "World of Dance"?

iHeart 1K Payday! - (Real 92.3 Makin' Money Moves, Alt 98.7, 99.1 KGGI Break the Bank, KIIS FM $1,000 CASH to Pay Your Bills, Cash on KOST 103.5, [COLOR="Red"]MyFM 104.3 Easy Money daily bonus online entry[/COLOR, et cetera)
7A-7P at about :20 after Text keyword to 200200 for chance at $1000

03:20 = Bills (stooopid Newfies early)
04:20 = Money (early eastern)
05:20 = Cash (early central)
06:20 = Luck (early mountain)
07:20 = Bank
08:20 = Win
09:20 = Bills
10:20 = Money
11:20 = Cash
12:20 = Luck
13:20 = Bank
14:20 = Win
15:20 = Bills
16:20 = Money
17:20 = Cash
18:20 = Luck

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