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Blockbuster Life Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds portray astronauts in which 2017 sci-fi thriller?
Bookworm Northern California Where is the book "The Girls" by Emma Cline set?
Classic Rock Please Come To Boston Kenny Loggins' cousin Dave Loggins had a hit in 1974 with what song?
Country Music Carrie Underwood Who is featured on Keith Urban's "The Fighter"?
Get Your Game On Star Trek Bridge Crew What is the title of the "Star Trek" game for PlayStation VR?
Healthy Knowledge Inner Ear What part of your body helps you keep your balance?
Sports Trivia Tiger Woods What world famous athlete checked into rehab for addiction to painkillers in June 2017?
TV Trivia Margaret Atwood Who wrote the book that the television series "The Handmaid's Tale" is based on?

iHeart 1K All Day Edit

iHeart 1K Payday! - (Real 92.3 Makin' Money Moves, Alt 98.7, 99.1 KGGI Break the Bank, win-1000-cash-to-pay-344884/ KIIS FM $1,000 CASH to Pay Your Bills, Cash on KOST 103.5, [ MyFM 104.3 Easy Money daily bonus online entry, et cetera)
7A-7P at about :20 after Text keyword to 200200 for chance at $1000

Wednesday …rotating the Tuesday list up one - wiz predicts…
3 Bills (stooopid Newfies early)
4 Cash (early eastern)
5 Luck (early central)
6 Bank (early mountain)
7 Win
8 Money
9 Bills
10 Cash
11 Luck
12 Bank
1 Win
2 Money
3 Bills
4 Cash
5 Luck
6 Bank

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