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Green = Enter daily.
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Blockbuster 1955 What year does "Kong: Skull Island" take place?
Bookworm Edgar Allan Poe Who wrote the poem "Annabel Lee"?
Classic Rock Michael McDonald What former Steely Dan member joined the Doobie Brothers in 1976?
Get Your Game On Save Your Sister What is the ultimate goal in the mobile game "Cat Quest"?
Healthy Knowledge Viral The most common cause of sinusitis in adults is?
Sports Trivia Alvarez Won Unanimous Decision A sold-out crowd watched the Alvarez vs. Chavez fight in May 2017, what was the result of the match?
Superhero Trivia 2029 What year does the story in the movie "Logan" take place?
TV Trivia Will Arnett Who stars in and also helped create the Netflix series "Flaked"?

KOLA 99.9 FMEdit



KCAL 96.7 'ROCKS!'Edit



KLOS 95.5 FMEdit

Text to 62582 +1-800-955-5567 (955-KLOS) Text to 95819 +1-916-572-4054

  • 6am = ?
  • 9am = ?
  • Noon = ?
  • 3pm = ?


KKGO 105.1 'Go Country'Edit

866-479-1051] trivia games survey refer a friend


KABC 790 AM 'News, Talk, Evolved'Edit

866-479-1051 trivia games survey refer a friend


KTLA Fox 11 Edit

Good Day LA's Disneyland Holiday Givaway

iHeart 1K All Day Edit

iHeart 1K Payday! - (Real 92.3 Makin' Money Moves, Alt 98.7, 99.1 KGGI Break the Bank, win-1000-cash-to-pay-344884/ KIIS FM $1,000 CASH to Pay Your Bills, Cash on KOST 103.5, [ MyFM 104.3 Easy Money daily bonus online entry, et cetera)
7A-7P at about :20 after Text keyword to 200200 for chance at $1000

Friday rotating the Thursday list up one - wiz predicts
3 Bills (stooopid Newfies early):applause:
4 Cash (early eastern)
5 Luck (early central)
6 Money (early mountain)
7 Win
8 Bank
9 Bills
10 Cash
11 Luck
12 Money
1 Win
2 Bank
3 Bills
4 Cash
5 Luck
6 Money


Variously promoted as Cash Cow, Walking Around Money, Workday Payday, et cetera. Response by +1-678-208-8198

KFROG 95.1 $1000 National Text Contest TEXT TO 72881 This promotion is now over.

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